Pep Guardiola, a Successful and Great Manager done

Discussing about football has always been a great thing to do. you know that you can discuss about everything. It can be started from the club and followed by the people inside. Regarding to that, talking about Pep Guardiola may be interesting.

He is a well-known manager of Manchester City. He was also known as a former player and coach back then. His ability to bring winning to his side is adored by many people. That is why he is referred as one of greatest managers.

Personal Life of Pep Guardiola

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A full name of this manager is Josep Guardiola Sala. He was born in Santpedor, Spain, on January, 18th 1971. Back then, he was a defensive midfielder. It has been mentioned that he was a former player, right?

Talking about a life of this successful manager, he has a younger brother and also two older sisters. Talking about his own family, he has a family already. He was only 18 when he first met his wife.

Getting married on May 24th, 2014, they have been blessed with three children in their life. The names of his children are Valentina, Marius, and Maria. They must be a proud kid of Pep Guardiola.

Club Career

He has walked around with several clubs so far. He has experienced different taste from different clubs. He started his club career with Barcelona. Later he joined with Brescia and Roma.

Other two clubs attended by this manager are Al-Ahli and Dorados de Sinaloa. It seems like he enjoys every step stone of his life. He shows that he has lived his life beautifully.

International Career

His international career was a big success as his club career. October 1992, he made his debut on senior field. He was with Northern Ireland and in the same time, he was pointed as a captain for Spain.

Nine years of his life (1992-2001), there had been more than 47 times of events he had played. He also gave 5 goals fir that Spain team. He had ever reached quarter-finals of 1994 World Cup with his team. Later on, he joined Catalonia.

Managerial Career

Pep Guardiola’s managerial career was started by his appointed coach for Barcelona B. that was when he brought winning to the team and he was pointed to be the manager. It was the first team where he became a football manager.

He was with Barcelona for some seasons. Next clubs to manage include Bayern Munich and Manchester City. Now he is known recently as a manager of Manchester City.

A Collection of Honors

He has a collection of honors. It may be not that long to mention, but let’s jump on things. As a player, he has won several honors. His managerial career has also brought some honors to him. Additionally, there are various awards for individual.

Knowing how interesting a life of Pep Guardiola shows to you how pleasing it is to walk on your own dreams. The manager has shown to the world that he is a great player and manager.


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