Knowing More about James Callaghan, a British Politician done

Some of you may hear about him already, but some others are not even familiar with James Callaghan. Have you known him? It is great if you know since you are learning about history.

This person was known to be a famous prime minister. He was in his chair from 1976 to 1979. Additionally, he was also a leader for Labour Party back then. Let’s talk more about him. Keep reading below everyone!

Early Life of the Famous Prime Minister

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His full name is Leonard James Callaghan and he is also known as Jim Callaghan. He was born on March 27th, 1912. He was died on the same month of his birthday, March, as for precisely on March, 26th, 2005.

His father was died in 1921. The family was in need of income since the father left nothing. They depended on charity to continue their life. In 1924, his mother was given ten shillings to pay what the father had done regarding his war service.

James Callaghan’ Career

Young Callaghan attended Mayfield School (how this school is currently known). This school was known as Portsmouth Northern Secondary School. In 1929, he obtained a Senior Oxford Certificate.

He had gone through many things in life before working in IRSF or Inland Revenue Staff Federation. Working in IRSF had brought him to meet Harold Laski. He was the one who encourage Callaghan to join parliament.

In fact, he was then selected for Cardiff South as a Parliamentary candidate. His friend from IRSF, Dai Kneath was the one who encouraged him to do so. It was such a luck that he could win over another candidate.

Parliament and Cabinet Career

Labor MPs was the thing that made James Callaghan to be famous. For your information, he had gone through the parliament and cabinet career from 1945 to 1976. It was such a longs story.

He showed his genuine in this field. To add, he had ever become Chancellor of the Exchequer, home secretary, and foreign secretary. In 1976, he joined leadership election.

As a Prime Minister

He became a prime minister for 3 years from 1976 to 1979. He was the one and only Prime Minister that had ever held three leading positions for cabinet. During his service, he was known as ‘the great debate’. He was really good at it.

Although he was full of dedication to become a Prime Minister, he had to run his service with many troubles. Sadly, his government didn’t run well. He had to accept that he was not that good as a Prime Minister.

Becoming an Activist

He was an activist for sure. After he was not selected to be the next Prime Minister back then, he was still busy with his activities. He had done several things after no longer becoming a Prime Minister.

Well, people may remember James Callaghan as a not-so-good Prime Minister. Despite of that fact, he was a good politician overall. What he had done back then should be appreciated somehow.

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