How to Train Your Cat to Fetch

how to train your cat to fetch

Does your cat play fetch? Canines are recognized to obtain toys, and my own Magic (a German guard) will certainly do so up until his tongue drags the ground. However some cats also take pleasure in the game. It shows up Siamese heritage cats and young felines, particularly, enjoy retrieving toys, however any type of cat can that has the capability.

How to Train Your Cat to Fetch

Why Cats Play Fetch

Fetching comes naturally to felines in the wild because they need to earn food for kittens. Some behaviorists speculate that when cats give us presents of computer mice or various other animals, they’re demonstrating how they educate their kittens to search.

When your cat catches the trembling moth as well as after that releases it just to chase after and catch it again – or when he bats the toy mice down the hallway and also chases after, Kitty has all the strategy required to play fetch. All that’s needed is for the human to do the honors and also throw the plaything, and tempt the cat to bring it back.

Fetch also can be a wonderful interactive game to assist lose weight tubby tabbies. Many pet cats play fetch naturally. Below’s how to encourage the video game.

5 Tips for Teaching Feline Fetch

Give Him What He Wants

Many felines select their fetching faves, whether that’s a catnip computer mouse, a heap of paper, soft shimmer ball or also a particular treat. Yes, some felines enjoy chasing kibble across a hard flooring surface, and (though they don’t bring it back in fetch!) they go back to “ask” for a repeat throw. Discover your cat’s natural habits.

Timing Is Key

You recognize your cat’s habits. Pick a time when you recognize kitty is up for a game, not when he’s down for the matter throughout naptime. While pet dogs like my Magic often tend to go nuts with bring marathons, keep in mind that pet cats are masters of the sprint and also dashboard. 10 minutes is a long period of time in cat-world, and you want to leave Kitty wanting much more. Stop the game before the catcalls it gives up, as well as he’ll be most likely to request for a repeat.


Does Sheba want the ball to jump? Or does Toby paw-wack paper throughout the area? Duplicate a cat, and show your pet you recognize the game and also want to sign up with the fun.

Give It A Name

Cats talk to fluffed fur, eye and also tail placements, and meows, but definitely recognize a range of human words, too. Link the action to a word-label, to help kitty understand each time the video game’s at hand, I imply, at paw. Claim, “FETCH, Kitty-kitty-kitty!” in a piercing, delighted tone AFTER you’ve threw the plaything throughout the room to lure your cat to restore the plaything. If your cat has actually already been clicker trained to find when called, utilize your “come” command linked to the “fetch” word.

Compensate The Action

For cats that fetch normally, just grabbing the plaything and tossing it again is the reward. If kitty enjoys going after kibble or other deals with across the floor, the benefit once more is eating it, and afterwards going back to you for a repeat.

If your cat could not care less regarding feline fetching, do not anguish. You can still have great fun with other cat video games and interactive toys. And also some felines may simply believe people require to get after themselves, as opposed to anticipating the cat to bring it back.

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