5 Incredible Tips of Healthy Lifestyle (Based on Basic Routine)

Healthy Lifestyle food

Among vehicles smoke and urban noisy life, healthy lifestyle becomes a scarcity that’s secretly needed by many people. Each day, more and more people live with unhealthy lifestyles for the sake of pseudo-comfort.

Fortunately, many people are now aware that healthy living is no longer an option, but a need to be as active and productive as ever. To meet those needs, here are the tips for lifestyle to be fit and productive.

Keep Your Diet

Healthy Lifestyle food

In addition to a balanced dietary intake, diet is an important point for healthy living. How to eat a healthy diet? A balanced diet is 3 times a day. More of that amount will be bad for the body; less of that amount will also deactivate your body function.

For the interval of each meal, use the standard formula of 3 times a day with a gap of about 5-6 hours on each course. The interval of each course is very important to activate the body’s metabolism.

Exercise is Enough

If you aren’t a morning person, then there is good news for you. Exercise in the morning has now been outdated. The right exercise is what adjusts your body clock. If you feel active at night or in the evening, so be it.

For office workers, solid working hours cannot be an excuse for not exercising. Lots of light exercise tutorials that can be done on your desk. Take a break about 30 minutes to perform a series of light exercise.

Exercise isn’t about how to force the body to reach its peak limit but to get used to practicing the body. Therefore, a good exercise isn’t the hard one, but basic and simple yet routine every day.

Avoid Addictive Substance

Addictive substances aren’t only found in drugs, but also on cigarettes and caffeine. Aside from harmful to your body, this addictive substance also has the potential to pollute the other people.

For cigarettes, you can start by consulting a health doctor to quit. Also, tell your friends or spouse that you want to stop. That way, they will remind and help you when the addiction relapse again. For caffeine, change it to fruits, instead, preferably apples.

No Alcohol Intake

It’s no secret if alcohol is a substance that’s harmful to the body. The question is, are you able to avoid completely from alcohol? The answer is no, but you can set it at your own pace.

To limit alcohol consumption, you should do it so slowly. First, limit it only at night. Do it for about 3 months. If you are accustomed, now limit again only on the weekend. Add another 3 months, then you are 75% free from alcohol.

Maintain Mental Health

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy is not only physically, but also mentally. Here are the ways to achieve mental sanity through healthy lifestyle.

  • Take time to ‘me time’.
  • Entertain yourself by playing games, watching movies, etc.
  • Talk to someone you care about.
  • Go on vacation.
  • Invest in your hobbies.

Those are the ways to get a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. After doing these five things, you will feel more refreshed and energized than ever before.

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