5 Easy and Healthy Diet Plan (Dos And Don’ts)

healthy diet plan

To get a healthy body, exercise is not enough. We also have to regulate the nutrients intake that we consume through a healthy diet plan. Therefore, our body is not only healthy from the outside, but also from the inside.

A healthy diet is often considered as eating an unpleasant food, but that’s not the point. We also have to limit our consumption, so the nutritional intake in body is balanced.

Food Balanced

healthy diet plan

Oftentimes, the foods we eat don’t have a balanced diet, many of us who eat only one or two types of food alone. In fact, average body consumption requires at least four types of food along with one type of beverage.

4 types of foods and 1 type of balanced drink consist of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fiber, and also calcium. Most foods today only have high carbohydrates and proteins, but low in vitamins and fiber.

Limit the Carbs

Although carbohydrate is an important type of food for body, excessive consumption is also not good. While
carbohydrate is good for energy intake, but once processed, it also contains sugar which is certainly harmful to the body if it exceeds the limit of consumption.

In order to keep getting enough carbohydrate intakes without fear of excess sugar content, it is recommended to choose other sources, such as oats and quinoa. Both foods have small sugar content, so it doesn’t matter if consumed in large quantities.

No Sodium

Besides carbohydrates, more harmful food content for body is sodium. It is usually present in the salt table. Consuming too much salt may be at risk for gallstones that can interfere with your excretion process.

Foods with high sodium are often found in snack, deep-fried, and junk food in general. To avoid these three foods, you should begin to pay attention to the composition of sodium. If the ingredients are more than 5%, then avoid the food as much as possible.

Favor Fiber

Fiber is one type of food that’s slowly forgotten in the present. Lack of fiber can cause our digestive system difficult to digest the food.

To avoid the lack of fiber, you should invest in grains such as whole grains, beans, almonds, and cereals. Consume the fiber when you are craving for snacks; besides eliminating your hunger, your digestion will be grateful for it.

Food Selection

Healthy Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Not just about replacing our food, a healthy diet plan is also about selecting the foods we eat, so what goes into the body is nothing but the best. To achieve it, you should avoid these foods.

  • Artificial Sweetener
  • Trans fat
  • High sodium intake
  • Overly acid foods

By avoiding them, your body will no longer be tormented by consuming what you shouldn’t consume. Although it sounds impossible and uncomfortable, gradually we will get used to eating without the dangerous content above.

Those are the important points of a healthy diet plan. Always remember that a healthy body isn’t just about the body with a good shape, but also about a balanced nutritional content. Therefore, healthy and nutritious food is very important and crucial.

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