7 Amazing Clothes College Men’s Basketball Team Designs in the USA

Basketball is one of the staple American sports. Every team has its own colors, themes, and mascots to separate themselves from others. Teams with the best design will be featured in this top 7 amazing clothes college men’s basketball team at teespro.id

Many teams only have letters to represent them, but more have more extravagant designs allowing more creative costumes, mascots, and banners. Here are the best team designs.

North Carolina Tar Heels

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Top pick today is the North Carolina Tar Heels with the most unique design till now. With clean combination of white and blue, it is currently a favorite pick among basketball fans.

White stripe on both jerseys’ sides, decorated with blue ornaments is a truly unique look on top of its letters’ traditional font and style.

UCLA Bruins

This year, Bruins still has the most eye-catching design. It keeps a classic theme of blue or white base, decorated with yellow and blue stripes along the sleeves and collar.

While maintaining the traditional colors, it gives a sharper look even with its simplicity. Keeping the classic font style, it still compliments the traditional design well.

Kansas Jayhawks

Again sticking with the traditional, Jayhawks kept their white home and blue away jerseys. However, they also bring out the unique alternates even though it is only for a few matches.

By traditional red and blue or white and red striping on the sleeves and collars with a classic font, it gives an almost vintage look to how basketball uniforms look while keeping in today’s style.

Villanova Wildcats

National champ requires a champion’s design like the Villanova Wildcats in this 7 amazing clothes college men’s basketball list. It is clean and simple, but gives a very professional look.

Classic navy and white color with stripes of light and dark blue and white on the shorts, accompanied with a classic large highlighted font, gives a sleek look every pro has.

Marquette Golden Eagles

Marquette Golden Eagles rarely changed the base of their design, but they don’t need to. Gold, navy, light blue, and white base colors are very eye-catching color palettes.

Combined with stripe detailing on sides of the uniform and different letter positioning, it gives this team identity even when rotating their uniforms all around the season.


North Carolina’s greatest rival also has the most modern and slick looking shirt. Black, blue and white base colors make a modern look very apparent on their jerseys.

White pinstripes adorned the blue jersey, while blue pinstripes adorned the white one. Black jerseys have a combo of dark blue sides. If you are into modern sharp styles, this is the one.

Indiana Hoosiers

Hoosier’s got the most vintage look out of all of the listed teams. With cream and red combo, it almost makes you think that this is from the 1990s.

The alternate plain white jersey and a classic font style with a single red or white color really bring out the vintage style. It brings the finale of top 7 amazing clothes college men’s basketball.

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