4 Relaxing Bathroom Remodel Ideas (the Ornament-Based)

bathroom remodel ideas

Over time, bathroom is no longer used to only cleanse our bodies after all day activities. The various bathroom remodel ideas are meant to change the area into a more relaxing place.

To maximize its new function, many designers have created a bathroom design that’s not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. The purpose of decorating bathroom is to create a new atmosphere.

Decorated Bathtub

bathroom remodel

If you have one, bathtub is the main component of the bathroom. The shape and position that tend to take the majority of place eventually seemed to limit the choice of decorations that can be applied to it.

By providing small cubbyhole-coated ceramic tiles on the side wall of your bathtub, you’ve added a small space that makes your bubble-bathing activity more enjoyable. In that space, you can put aromatherapy candles, glasses for your drink or even a water-resistant speaker to enjoy music.

Soothing Bathroom

To maximize the relaxation activities in your bathroom, you can use this type of bathroom remodel ideas. The soothing bathroom design provides extra peace of mind when bathing by replacing bathroom floor with natural stone-patterned marble. You will need the followings:

  • Natural rocks like pebbles or cobblestone

Natural stones are known to be able to store cold temperatures on their surfaces. In addition, by setting foot on this kind of stone, you will feel like in nature.

  • The over-the-head showerhead

It can save space and also be used for natural aesthetics by imitating natural rain.

  • Glass wall bathroom

Glass wall can create a wide impression on your small bathroom. Moreover, glass is able to capture the steam when you want to take a hot bath.

Monochromatic Makeover

bathroom remodel ideas

Just as the name suggests, monochromatic makeover is thick with black-and-white shades. The thing to remember from this remodeling idea is that you do not need to replace the entire bathroom into black and white without any other color touch. Just focus on big items like a bathtub, sink, mirror, and shower.

Monochrome colors provide classic access but remain timeless, simple but not plain. Plus, you can still add other color ornaments, as long as it does not take the overall attention of the initial monochrome accent.

The monochromatic makeover is perfect if incorporated into small bathroom ideas. By using basic colors, such as black and white, its simplicity makes your bathroom look bigger than usual.

Woody Washroom

bathroom remodel tiles

Many people assume that wood is not suitable to be an element of the bathroom because it is easily damaged when exposed to water. Well, that statement needs to be re-checked since Woody washroom gives you an authentic new look in your bathroom.

To adopt this design, you should use wooden ornaments that look like old wood and un-furnished one on your bathroom furniture. For furniture that’s in contact with water, you can keep using natural rocks to keep your bathroom from tearing apart.

That’ all four bathroom remodel ideas that are useful, not only for the beauty, but also the functionality. By utilizing natural elements, your bathroom will be easier to be maximized into a refreshing relaxation room.

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