Malang Destinations That Make You Over The Moon


Malang is one of clean plus cold cities in East Java has, without any doubt, been well-known past long time ago. Historical remmants scattered in the region of Malang Showing that it cap played important roles in may eras plus stretching out from 112 17′ 10,90 occurring to 112 57′ 0,00 east Longitude plus extending from 7 44′ 55,11 occurring to 8 26′ 35,45 South Latitude.

Malang regency is bordered by Blitar plus Kediri Regencies on the West; Jombang, Mojokerto plus Pasuruan Regencies on the North; Probolinggo plus Lumajang Regencies on the East plus Indian Ocean on the South.

Malang is known later its beautiful beaches. There are many tourists who always visit Malang’s beaches in holiday. The beaches are Ngliyep beach, Balekambang beach, plus Sendang Biru beach.
Then the foreign tourists are commonly interesting to Malang’s temples that keep the historical value of the later Kingdom in Malang regency, they are; Singosari temple with goodieline Jago temple, Kidal temple, etc. not in favor of that, Malang still has a lot of tourism objects that will attract you to visit it. Coban Rondo waterfall, Wonosari tea plantation, Wendit pool, mount Kawi, mount Bromo panorama, Coban Pelangi waterfall, Karangkates recreation park, plus the others, are Malang’s interesting Places that presents their {flora plus fauna|nature|natural world|birds|plants} scenery.

Also visit Malang City Tour that offers its interesting places such as; City Hall, Monument Juang’45, bird plus flowers market, senaputra park, kayu tangan complex, City Square, Senaputra Park,

One of the iconic landmark of Malang that is located in Kayutangan area is Toko Oen, dubbed as A Colonial Landmark before 1930. Built in netherland colonial era, Toko Oen maintains its old-style building and interior, and even the staffs uniforms, its as if the people who come to the restaurant are taken to the nostalgic colonial era. As written in tummy of the building, one of the specialities of Toko Oen is the Ice Cream, which has native recipe with nomor preservatives.

Other landmarks on the subject of Kayutangan are alun-alun kota (city square), Masjid Jami Malang (grand mosque), and GPIB Immanuel Church.

Jatim Park/Museum Satwa


Selecta recreation park is located in Tulungrejo village, Batu city, East Java, sorrounded by Arjuno, Welirang and Anjasmoro mountain, it can be reached one hour from Malang. It was upon 1.150 m above sea level, with temperature of 15 C 25 C and water temperature on the subject of 18 C.

Nowadays, Selecta is not without help consists of swimming pool with fresh and definite mountain water, but as well as a broad and beautiful blossom garden.

Coban Rondo Waterfalls

Coban Rondo Waterfalls is 84 meters high, located 1135 meters above sea level, in Pandesari village, Pujon District, Malang Regency. The water is from Cemoro Dudo spring. The tourism intend was built upon 1980 and is a portion of plant processing Unit, plant Department Malang.

Lawang Tea Plantation

kebun teh lawang

Wonosari Tea Plantation, located in Toyomarto, Singosari District, Malang Regency, was opened upon 1875 oleh NV. Cultuur Maatschappy. The plantation is 1.144,31 hectares, on bad terms into three gardens: adf. Wonosari 370,31 Ha in Toyomarto Village, afd. Gebug Lor 344,11 Ha in Wonorejo Village, Lawang District, afd. R.Agung 429,89 Ha in Ambal-ambal Village, Kejayan Distrcict. the tea gardening area is 628,86 Ha with tea production of 1000 tons/year and daily production of 3000 kg. 90% of the tea product of Wonosari is exported abroad, and the get out of 10% is sold for domestic market. Wonosari tea plant has the adherence to process tea through five steps: obliging tea shoots; withering process; grinding process; fermentation ; drying; sorting; packing, and delivering.

Purwodadi Botanical Garden

purwodadi botanical garden

Purwodadi Botanical garden is a branch of Bogor botanical Garden that is managed by LIPI (Indonesian Scientific Institution). In this area visitor can look various collections of panic and abstemious plant. touching as a area for recreation, this Botanical Garden is as well as used for various researches upon botany.



Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park has a natural tourism intend that has been renowned and become one of the main tourism intend in East Java, either for domestic or foreign tourists. Bromo has many interesting tourism intend such as sea of sands, savanna hills, lava well, Mahameru Peak, Madakaripura Waterfalls, etc.

Bromo-Semeru National Park is the without help conservation area in Indonesia with uniqueness of 5.250 hectare of sea of sands, located 2392 m above sea level.

bromo pasir

Bromo-Semeru mountains is an sprightly mountain that is renowned as a tourism intend in East Java. The area promises a beauty unlike any other. From the top of sprightly volcano, you can look a sea of sands, the might of Semeru mountain, and you can as well as look one of the most beautiful sunrises in Indonesia in the area.

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