4 Acupressure Points for Overcoming Travel Sickness

Travel sickness can cause a number of complaints, ranging from nausea, headaches, feeling unwell, constantly belching, to vomiting. This condition can actually be treated with medication. However, if you prefer to find natural ways to deal with travel sickness, acupressure can be a choice.

Acupressure point to deal with complaints of motion sickness

Acupressure is a traditional treatment method by pressing certain points on the body. The goal is to smooth the flow of energy that is blocked so that the body can function normally again.

From the medical side, the pressure on acupressure is beneficial for blood flow, relaxing the muscles, and stimulating the production of endorphins which relax. Thus, the body feels more comfortable and not easily nauseous.

Thanks to these benefits, acupressure is believed to be useful for overcoming motion sickness. Some points that can be pressed are as follows:

1. Pericardium 6 (PC6 or P6)

The PC6 / P6 point is located in the middle of the inner wrist. Launch of one study in the journal PLoS One, the pressure at the PC6 / P6 point is known to relieve complaints of postoperative nausea and vomiting.

To try it, do the following steps:

Raise your left hand with your palm facing you.
Stick three fingers of your right hand on your left hand, then place your thumb under the three fingers. This is the point PC6 / P6.
Press the thumb slowly until you can feel the two rows of muscles.
Repeat on your right hand.

2. Large intestine 4 (LI4)

Another acupressure point that is considered effective for dealing with travel sickness is LI4 point. This point is also thought to relieve nausea due to dizziness, pain, and headaches. You can try it with the following steps:

Raise your left hand, then find the meeting point between the muscles of the thumb and index finger.
If it’s hard to find, try sticking your thumb with your index finger. Point LI4 is located on the protrusion between these two fingers.
Press point LI4 slowly.
Repeat on your right hand.

3. Spleen meridian 4 (SP4) point

From tabbayun. As the name suggests, the S4 point is connected to the spleen. The acupressure point, which is located on the inside of the foot, is considered effective in treating nausea due to stomach disorders, including travel sickness.

Following are the steps to apply acupressure at SP4 point:

Sit down, then lift your left foot so that your foot is facing you.
Place your fingers on your toes, then follow the lines along the inside of your feet.
Stop when your fingers reach the arch. S4 point is located in the area, precisely next to the protruding leg bone.
Press the point slowly.
Repeat on your right foot.

4. Stomach point 36 (stomach 36 / ST36)

One more acupressure point that you can use to deal with motion sickness is the ST36 point. This point is located at the foot, precisely below the kneecap. Pressure and massage in this area are believed to relieve nausea.

To try it, follow these steps:

Sit down, then place your right hand on your left knee.
Press the area of ​​the foot that comes in contact with your little finger. If you feel a lump, this is your shin.
The ST36 point is located on the outside of your shin.
Press the area in a circular motion.
Repeat on your right foot.
Acupressure is a fairly effective method for dealing with nausea, including those caused by travel sickness. This method can also be an option when you want to relieve motion sickness without drugs.

However, you are still advised to consult a doctor if nausea does not go away, gets worse, or is accompanied by other symptoms. The reason is, nausea is a very common complaint and can indicate other health problems.

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